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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Job Fair - Silver Linings

I attempted to attend a job fair this morning in Santa Ana CA.  I arrived just as the fair started and circled around the miniscule hotel parking lot along with about 20 other cars and could not find a place to park.  I could not figure out if there was some way to park remotely and take a bus to the hotel, so I drove to a mall a couple of miles away and tried to do some Christmas shopping for a little while.

After an hour of walking around, getting a few ideas and only having purchased a small cinnamon roll, I drove back to the hotel. There were no cars circling the parking lot, but the lot had been closed.  I drove around the neighborhood and could not find parking anywhere else.  I took all of this as a sign that I was not meant to be at this particular job fair.

Also, if I had found a parking spot and went to the fair, I would have missed an interview on Thom Hartman's program of Wall Street's Psychic Advisor Mary T. Browne.  When Hartman let it slip that she charges as much as $400.00 per hour for her advice, I nearly had to pull over the car from having such heavy fits of laughter.  Here is essentially what advice she gives her clients:
  • Think pink: send out positive, loving thoughts and they will come back to you and guide you toward which investments to make.  Pink, according to Ms. Brown, is the color of love in a person's aura.
  • Be honest:  Watch out for those who say one thing while their body language communicates something else. Go with your "gut feeling" on making the right investments.
If you feel this advice has been of any help to you, post a reply to this entry and leave your e-mail address.  I'd be happy to let you know how you may pay me $100 for this sage advice.  After all, I just saved you $300 in consultant fees and you're just about as likely to make wise stock investments with these two pieces of advice as you would be if you reached out and contacted Ms. Brown.

I feel so positive, warm and fuzzy right now! Let the healing begin !!

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