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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What I'm watching

I find myself needing more and more breaks from all of the political and political-adjacent coverage these days.

And today being International Human Rights Day as well as the Day Without a Gay, I'm doing my tiny little part by staying home all day.  I feel so . . rebellious!

While I host my own little protest sit in, I'm unplugging by watching Extreme Trains on History Channel.  The host is so in love with what he does, the joy just jumps from the screen.  Last night's episode was a steam locomotive ride to/from Denver and Cheyenne to coincide with this year's Rodeo Days in Cheyenne.  Such lovely scenery in between these two cities!

And I'm catching up on episodes of Cash Cab on Discovery Channel.  Good looking, confident cab-driving host and fun contestants -- what more does a game-show lover like me need?  And I can tell people I watch Discovery Channel and let them assume I'm more high-brow than I really am (oops . .guess my secret is out?).

Check either of these shows out for a nice diversion or find one of your own today.  What takes your mind off the world's troubles?

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