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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

WTG Dave!

Watching the Kennedy Center Honors and writing while my partner fawns over Barbra Streisand.   I had to post something about how freakin' awesome Dave Grohl sounded as he sang the hell out of "Who Are You".  After quite a few televised performances by Dave where he has been avoiding high notes and limiting the screaming, it was so nice to hear him hit all the notes and belt it out!

And, I'm reading on-line that another amazing rock singer, Chris Cornell, performed at that same tribute to the Who, but CBS did not televise his performance.  I also read that parts of Dave's performance (the parts with an expletive) were cut as well.  What a shame!

Well, at least my partner is having a great time watching the last 30 minutes of this special.

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