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Monday, December 29, 2008

I needed a laugh . .

. . and, my guess is, so do you!

My partner has recently developed a fear of opening his own mail, so he asked for help with opening and sorting about a couple of week's worth of it this morning.  Fortunately, nothing was past due, everything to which needed replying has been replied.  Included in the stack were a few Christmas cards.  One of them included a quick note which included news that the sender had been laid off last month.

Including what I heard from my biological family and from my church family, I now know of six people laid off this year.  I sorely wished I had some advice for finding a new job and, for some reason today, I am tapped out of my usual limitless optimism.

So, I will start changing my attitude by writing about what else I accomplished today.

I went through the last couple of days of e-mails.  After reading through job alerts from many of the major job posting sites, I applied for three jobs (which is better than two, one or none).

I also got an e-mail from the Obama-Biden transition team inviting me to visit a new "Open for Questions" page from the change.gov website.  Viewing the thousands of questions posted does not require registration to the site; however, posting your own question and/or voting yes or no does.  After registering, I voted "yes" on seven questions ("yes" meaning participants want the question answered by the transition team).  The question getting the most "yes" votes are right in line with what one may read in any of the more popular left-wing blogs.

Then, after perusing said left-wing blogs, I found a link to a BusinessWeek article listing the ten worst predictions involving the U.S. Economy for this year.  My bet is you will find a good chuckle out of at least one of the ten predictions (my guffaws came from prediction #9).

Still need a laugh?  Try this.

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