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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Here we are . .

One bit of housekeeping before I continue. The posting below was of a comment I made to a story on Huffington Post's website.  At the time, I thought that being able to link my blog to hers was so freakin' cool.  I still think it is; however, I was not expecting the Associated Press (AP) photo of the Governator to come along for the ride!  A small thing and not really a big deal, but my apologies if the photo was jarring/startling (it did both to me).

Pastor Warren, bless his heart, is making a wave or two.  I'll let you search his 22 minute web video response within Saddleback Church's website (i think i'll take a pass at that visit - the story as told on last night's Rachel Maddow show was all I needed to see) to all the comments against Pastor Warren's invite to perform the Invocation at the Inauguration.  The Orange County Register (whose politics are considerably conservative) published this today regarding a Baptist minister from down the street from my house who gives the good Pastor a few choice words.  All the better to frame Pastor Warren as being far more moderate than he actually is.

I am now completely immersed in the Christmas spirit and can't get some of my favorite seasonal tunes out of my head.  One of the most beautiful Christmas-adjacent songs ever is "2000 Miles" by the Pretenders.  I love just humming the guitar melody as I go about my business as the melody Chrissie Hynde sings runs counter to the guitar.  (click here for lyrics) So pretty and peaceful!

I'll keep my tradition tonight, days long headache notwithstanding: After going to my church's Christmas Eve service, which ends around 7;30 pm, I'll boil some hot chocolate and pour into a thermos, grab an umbrella (supposed to rain tonight) and take a stroll through the neighborhood to admire the Christmas lights and tacky decoration show in which the neighborhood loves to indulge.  Once home, out go the chocolate chip/pecan cookies and hot tea for Santa and off I go to bed.

Peace, love and light be with you all while you celebrate and a wish for a better year for everyone!

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