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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

News of the day/Door and Window management

Here is the OMG story for today: the arrest of Illinois' governor Blagojevich.  And, yes, I purposely sourced the Chicago Tribune for the article.  I have to imagine someone in charge at the Tribune took two minutes in private to point and laugh at this turn of events then another two minutes to reflect on the nature of Karma.  Or, you know, go for a smoke or something . .

My friend Randy, who does a wonderful job of challenging my preconceived notions on practically everything (how else does one learn and grow?), wanted to know how much of the 12/5/08 layoffs at Chicago's Republic Doors and Windows were the fault of labor, management and/or Bank of America.  A decent amount of Googling to look for a more in-depth report on this issue came up empty.  However, a view of *gulp* Fox News' website for a report on the situation from yesterday does its best to look at the situation from the management/bank's perspective.  Given that, as of this writing, only two comments were posted (when usually Fox News fans are fairly prolific when they perceive an issue having to do more with a liberal political lean than just a report on the situation), it looks like the ones at fault are management and the bank.

While no one escapes blame when a business permanently closes its doors due to not making enough or any money at all, I have yet to hear of a business closing where the majority of fault lies with labor.  Please feel free to point me in the direction of any situation that disproves what I said in the previous sentence -- and, yes, the more facts presented, the more likely I am to be persuaded.

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