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Friday, December 19, 2008

Quick Takes

Rick Warren was chosen by Obama to deliver the Invocation at next month's Inauguration. 2005's Invocation was made by Rev. Dr. Luis Leon, 2001's by Rev. Franklin Graham (son of Rev. Billy Graham), 1997's and 1993's by Rev. Billy Graham.  I cannot recall anything that the Invocation delivery person said or did which so radically changed what the sworn-in President did or said during their presidency.  This should end this ridiculous uproar over Obama's choice of Warren to deliver the Invocation.

Blagojevich speaks!  ** yawn **

Bush's travels (WARNING: Photos may induce fits of rage, nausea and/or longing to leave him at one of these destinations)

On a personal level, I spent much of yesterday traveling to West Los Angeles for a job interview, parking, getting a soy latte, driving back toward home for a haircut, getting supper to go at one of my favorite eateries, coming home to a flooded kitchen floor and a partner who had tipped over in his wheelchair into a big muddy puddle.

Blessedly, the cause of the flooding was found this morning -- our upstairs neighbors had dropped two golf balls into their kitchen sink and, gravity being what it is, the balls had fallen down into our kitchen plumbing.  Four hours and a pro plumber and all is well in the house.

Not so sure about our upstairs neighbors, though . .


Randy said...

When I first read the news about Warren, I got a little hot under the collar, thinking that Obama was being a complete idiot.

Then I thought that Obama was being yet another politician by sucking up to the "religious right".

Then I realized that this isn't really a bad thing. People look at Obama's selection to lead the invocation prayer (which doesn't seem to work, if you look at the current lame duck...), but what about Warren accepting it, knowing how he and Obama do not have the same views on some subjects?

One of the hallmarks of Bush's presidency was divisive politics. Obama seems to be doing the opposite, reaching out to all sides. When you look at it in that light, perhaps he's trying to do the right thing.

*shrug* It doesn't matter to me anymore. Warren and Obama are entitled to their views... and I'm entitled to mine. I wasn't going to watch the inauguration hoopla anyways. I have more important things to do, like write or watch some DVD's.

Politics. Feh.

Randy said...

And it sounds like you had quite the event-filled day. Hope the partner is alright.

And what is wrong with the upstairs people if they're dropping golf balls into the sink? Morons! Doesn't anyone have a brain these days?

Randy said...

I take that back. Our next president is already showing a lack of judgment. Guess who just lost a vote for 2012?

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