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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

With much appreciation

I really enjoy The Huffington Post and LOVE that when I post a comment to a story that the comment copies itself onto this blog!  For that, I thank HuffPo.  That being said, I'd love an option when I ask to copy my comment back here to either choose the photo Huffington Post posts or an option to not post a photo.

My apologies for the stunningly large AP photo of Blagojevich below.


I really enjoyed Rachel Maddow's show last night.  Best of the hour was the first 10 minutes with Richard Engel and the Telestrator he used to sketch out the last few days of occurrences in Gaza.  I have retained enough Biblical knowledge to have a knee-jerk "this is the end times" reaction to any dramatic and terrible burst of violence in the area.  I did have a great chat with a good friend last night about "end times" and left the conversation feeling much more calm and secure with the knowledge that a lot more would need to happen before the ending begins.

I really do appreciate my friend providing context to help me better understand what is happening in that corner of the world.

Also on Rachel's show last night was Nobel-prize winning economist Paul Krugman talking about infrastructure, especially in light of recent disasters across the country.  Even President-Elect Obama experienced first hand while on vacation since last week the effects of a power grid which not only susceptible to a thunder and lightening storm but takes as long as 12 hours to reset and return power to the majority of consumers.

Right now is a great opportunity to visit change.gov and either post a question for Obama's transition team to be answered likely next week or vote for a question already posted.  Regardless of the number of issues facing the new administration, there is no harm in adding your voice to the chorus by checking out this web site.


Finally, I treated myself earlier today to hour one of five of the 100 greatest hard rock songs on VH1.  I was well familiar with 18 of the first 20 songs listed and finally heard enough of Andrew WK's "Party Hard" to really dig it! (Click here for lyrics).  So nice for the hour to tap back into the wild child frenzy of my teen years with these songs and am looking forward to the rest of the list.  Much appreciation for VH1 taking me back !

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