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Thursday, December 4, 2008

All around the blogosphere back to my world

There's a lot of interesting things going on in our great big world today!  Here are three articles that caught my eye today:

HuffPost Readers Blog The Meltdown.   I posted my story here. Though it has not been posted, the stories posted today helped me feel grateful for what I have and that my situation could be much worse.

Dennis Leary firefighters show to tackle 9/11 conspiracy theories.  I'm a big fan of Rescue Me. It's mostly soap opera for men with little bits of comedy improv.  It is also one of the few shows that has managed to make me laugh and cry within the same episode.  Can't wait to see just how the show handles this.

Why doesn't ABC News just become a blog and get it over with?  A well made case for bookmarking and reading multiple sources if you want to rely on the Internet for news on a regular basis. 

And, finally, I did some Christmas shopping at a local mall earlier today.  My list is now down to just my life partner. I have visited this mall for nearly twenty years and it is now at its least busy and least occupied that I can recall.  Two of its five anchor stores are either closed or are soon to be closed with about one in four retail spaces left unoccupied.  

While my need to buy gifts, clothes and the occasional soy latte will not soon end, perhaps the decline of the mall is really a blessing in disguise.  America can only have so many Wal-Marts, so the decline of the mall really means switching in shopping habits back to mixed neighborhood venues (stores on the 1st floor, living quarters on the 2nd/3rd floors) and a build up of on-line shopping outlets. Both of these means fewer drives to the stores and, perhaps, a refocus on shopping for what you need instead of shopping for entertainment's sake.

Now, if only I could somehow order that soy latte on-line, I'd be ready for the commerce revolution.

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