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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Here are three items I found interesting this morning.  Choose one, two or all three to peruse.  Would love to read what your thoughts were on any/each of these.

Greta Christina's Blog.  I found this as a link from pageoneq.com (look to the left column of this blog - page one is one of my daily "go to" blogs).  Before you panic, I was not converted to either of the things she discusses.  However, what I read left me curious to read more and, after all, what more could a write ask of their readers than the desire to read more?

Governor Blagojevich's attorney.  I caught a little of Genson's requests in front of the Illinois legislature.  I found myself feeling sympathetic toward Genson.  If, in fact, he has not had access to the conversation recordings on which the legislature is making its case for impeachment.  While the legislature made the case that it is not a court, I cannot see how an attorney could mount some kind of defense or provide some kind of perspective without having access to the source material which is driving the impeachment.

"When (Adolf) Hitler needs a birthday cake . ."  Yes, on the surface, this is news fluffernutter. Any time someone stirs up the proverbial racism pot, everyone who hears/reads the story takes a few minutes to check their own level of racism.  Need a test to do so?  Try this one.  Read the blog entry first, then click on the link in the blog entry to proceed.

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Randy said...

The Illinois governor issue is starting to look like a rush to judgment, in my opinion. The FBI says something, but I'd like to see the proof before I believe them. They've been wrong before.

Can the guy get a fair trial in Illinois, or have we ditched the Constitution. If he's guilty, he'll be dealt with. If he's not, then he's still tainted by this, with his reputation destroyed.

Let's see the evidence before tossing him into the pen and throwing away the key. A rush to judgment is NEVER good. History is proof enough of that.

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