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Sunday, December 7, 2008

The full-time job of saving money

I spent a good portion of yesterday parked in front of my laptop and printer, attempting to print out a twelve page .pdf document e-mailed to me by a health insurance company.  I have COBRA coverage through my last employer which will be available to me through November 2009.  While there is some comfort in keeping the same coverage I have had for the last 2 1/2 years, this comfort is costing me nearly $400 per month - - and that coverage is just for me!

So, when I got an offer by mail from my college for health coverage at a discount with the same insurance company, I took a look.  I found similar coverage, albeit with a deductible in most cases and higher copays, for as much as 75% less.  Having been blessed with good health through diet and medication, I will not need another doctor's visit until summer 2009.  And, not knowing how long it will take to find another job and have that health insurance begin, why wouldn't I take advantage of having to pay a little less every month, even after having to meet a deductible.

Now, I have three more pages to print, which for some reason take a good long while to print, then a lot of detailed information to fill out.  Even with my many years of health insurance work experience, I have a lot of studying to do in order to fill it out correctly and to make sure I actually wind up saving money in the long run.

Jeez, what a lot of work it takes to save money!  Can't wait for the eventuality of universal single-payer health insurance when I won't have to worry about this at all and I can focus on so many other things.

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