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Monday, December 8, 2008

Wailing and gnashing ?

I'm not sure where this post is going, so I'll preface it by giving you the option of reading my friend Randy's post from today.  I'm not sure what I have to report will warm your heart like his story did mine.

I started the day facing three big challenges: following up with a temp agency on two job interviews I had before Thanksgiving, reaching out to California's Unemployment department over no unemployment checks in the last three weeks and completing an application to move from a COBRA health insurance plan from my last employer to an insurance plan through my college's alumni association.

The first was the easiest to do:  One employer rehired a returning employee and the other employer still has not made up their mind.

The second task left me with only one option.  After calling the office and hearing a pre-recorded message telling me, basically, don't bother calling us until Wednesday because we're too damn busy to let you wait on the phone (and even if you call on Wednesday, which I tried weeks earlier, you still ain't gonna get someone live!).  The one option I had was to re-apply for unemployment insurance on-line, which I did.  Either I won't hear live from someone from the unemployment office and the checks will start coming again OR I'll get a call from someone ready for confrontation (like I did the last time I applied).

I'm ready!

The last task was the most frustrating.  I worked in the managed care/insurance industry for 9 years and I had to carefully read and re-read the twelve page application for health insurance after having spent hours printing out this ".pdf" file.  After bouncing ideas off my partner on how best to complete the fields with information I did not recall off the top of my head, I got around to page 9 and read that, because I had not yet exhausted the COBRA plan, I could not apply for this insurance!  I would have saved over 60% on monthly premiums, though I would have had to meet a $1900.00 deductible first.  Even so, I would have saved money had I been able to apply.

Even if I could successfully apply, I would have had to recall medications I may have taken sometime in the last five years and to recall the diagnoses I may or may not have had on the last couple of visits I made to the Emergency Room (I would call them migraine headaches, but pain being subjective and the doctors usually rolling their eyes at me when I listed my symptoms).

Save for my late mother, who meticulously kept records of every little thing, I cannot imagine anyone keeps medical information that detailed for that long.  Or, maybe it's just me?

Suffice to say, all of this did nothing for my attitude, which was only aggravated further by one of my dogs misbehaving.

Then, around 10:30 this morning, I got a call for a new interview which I am going to tomorrow morning.  And all became sunny once again !

1 comment:

Randy said...

Man, you've had a rough day, dude. I'm glad you have the job interview tomorrow, and I'm praying that you'll get it.

That wasn't very nice of the insurance form. All that work for nothing. *grumble* I'd have told them where they could put their form, how to do do it, and what broomstick to use. Maybe it'll help to read the thing's pdf before printing it out. The man wants to keep us down, I guess. *grumbles more*

So sorry you didn't get either job, but I'm more than confident that you will. :) You're talented and a really sweet guy. You'll get one. :)

Hang in there buddy, and thanks for the link to one of my posts. :)

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