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Saturday, December 20, 2008

A "worst" list

Saw my first "worst of 2008" list today with the focus on movies.  For once, I missed each and every one of the movies on this list - didn't even rent or view them On Demand!

I did see a couple of turkeys myself.  Sometimes, it's just unavoidable - a movie gets overhyped and it's the only new one out that week and it's playing everywhere, and . . OK, enough excuses:

"Max Payne".  Mark Wahlberg, yum.  Plot? Ugh.

"Transporter 3".  Anything with Jason Statham is automatically a few notches better than other movies.  However, the movie lost me with a tender . . . love . . scene with him and some skinny young woman.  Disappointing and unnecessary.  The movie . .yeah, that's it.

"Speed Racer".  When the best thing I can say about a movie is "Wow, all the pretty colors!" and it's not a nature documentary, it's best to just walk past quickly.


Gay.com is asking visitors to vote on their favorite pop song out of a list of 25 songs.  One quick look at the list shows Britney Spears, Cher, Kylie Minogue, 3 Madonna songs and Celine Dion are represented.

Buried in the list are songs by REM (eh . . ), Tina Turner (the only true diva in the whole damn list and the talent to back it up), Kate Bush (terrific songwriter!) and Nirvana (yay!)

Hmm.. for whom should I vote ?   Done.

Currently in the lead is a Madonna song.  I'm so damn proud to be gay . . . *sigh*

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