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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Let me sleep a little longer

Did no one tell the rest of the world that this is the holiday season -- isn't the news supposed to be slow and introspective?

There is a vast wealth of stories to read out here.  Huffington Post seems to have the best collection of news from Gaza with the recent attacks and attempts to flee the chaos into Egypt.  Raw Story even has a story about hijras in Bangladesh who will have their first opportunity to vote in nationwide elections on Monday.  Considering the rocky political history this country has had, they manage to re-emerge every few years and try to rise above their history.

I just can't bring myself to dive into it !

Instead, I just finished watching an episode of Planet Earth on Discovery.  Now that we have a high-definition TV, this series' stunning cinematography and jaw-dropping points of view in exotic locales looks even more beautiful than it did when it premiered on U.S. television.  Discovery is airing four episodes tonight, repeating them through this week, then airing four more next week.  I'm going to take my time watching all of these, bathing in the color, sounds, violence and gentility.

I'll get back into the politics, etc., later.  For now, please just let me sleep . . .

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