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Monday, February 9, 2009

The meaning of it all

Just a few minutes now until the President's first prime-time news conference, set to be broadcast on multiple channels.  I'd better type a little faster than usual.

Though, this time, I'm letting this latest exercise in communication happen without my commentary.  For now.

I was drawn to a pair of articles posted by Newsweek.  The first one provided a cool splash of water to the face -- the kind I need most days in order to wake up fully and think clearly.  It's quite easy to surf the 'Net and despair over the state of the U.S. (and world) economy; however, the article cites predictions made over the decades that, by staying calm and by all of us learning from mistakes in the past, our country can survive this wave of bad news. 

The second Newsweek article, rather than discourage me, assured me that I am still on the right path to achieving the goal I set for myself in my first post.  I write about what not only interests me, but what ignites in me a passion to write -- whether I form opinions or just hold a mirror up to what is happening outside my home.

Finally, I read today's post from The Mudflats about how a virtual media infrastructure (blogs, print media, TV/Radio) when connected to a nationwide news medium like CNN, can solicit immediate response, outrage and support for those in need.  I loved reading that their next goal is to ensure those who live in remote villages have a means for the remainder of this winter and winters to come to support themselves, as they have done in the past.  Better still, all of this was done without assistance from any city, county, state or federal government intervention.  This new construct also continues pushing to hold government responsible for its lack of action and pressuring government to get involved in actual future infrastructure to avoid what happened this winter from happening again.

I have no idea if this blog will lead to the change witnessed in rural Alaska.  I also face this uncertainty in my job hunt, spiritual journey and in the relationships I have built and maintain.

I am certain that if I don't pursue my bliss/passion, nothing will happen for me.

Can't wait to see how Obama's pursuit of his own passion this week will turn out.

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