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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Music awards show picks/favorites

I have Shrimp with Salad ready to go for tonight's supper as I watch the start of the awards show happening later today.

Here are some of my favorites and/or picks for award winners:

Metallica - in some form or fashion, they have five nominations this year including Rock Instrumental, Rock Album, Recording Package, Non-classical Producer of the Year (for Rick Rubin, who also produced tracks for Neil Diamond and Weezer amongst others) AND Best Metal Performance

My guesses are that Slipknot would get the Best Metal Performance (a freaking awesome head-banging tune -- and with two percussionists, they have a sound all their own).  Also, the Rock Album will go to anyone but Metallica (there's a real hesitancy to award two different category of award to the same artist).

Hard Rock Performance - I'm torn between Disturbed (solid pop-metal work on every album they put out) and Motley Crue (yes, the same one from the '80's.  "Saints of Los Angeles" is a great comeback for these guys!)

Some quick guesses: Lil' Wayne gets Album of the year, Song of the Year to Coldplay, New Artist goes to Adele or Duffy (if it's the Jonas Brothers, a shoe will go flying at the team).

I'd be thrilled if Rufus Wainwright gets the award in the Traditional Pop category - amazing singer with all kinds of talent and has had a rough couple of years recently.

* * * finally * * *

MIA - two nominations . . . Record of the Year (yeah, sure . . . your winners are two industry veterans and I'll be stunned if anyone else gets that award) and Rap Album.  MIA is up against two rap heavyweights - Jay-Z and Nas.  Also, Lil' Wayne got A LOT of nominations, so if he wins elsewhere, that improves MIA's chances.

Here's the video for the title track "Paper Planes", (lyrics here) which you'll also hear in the movie "Slumdog Millionaire".  Can't get the chorus' sound effects out of my head.  M.I.A is slated to perform though she's due to give birth today.  If this song gets performed as is on tonight's network TV broadcast, I will REALLY be stunned!

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