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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Flooding, Flaming and the final word on Ted Haggard

Ooh, it's going to be a busy Sunday!

Australia is presently going through an awful mess.  In their northeast, a cyclone has caused flooding and in the southeast, wildfires are raging, allegedly set intentionally.  To put it in terms Americans can appreciate, imagine Atlantic City NJ being overwhelmed with flooding from a hurricane at the same time West Palm Beach FL and surrounding towns were burning to the ground.

Within the article about the fires in the southeast, there is a link to the Australian Red Cross.  If I had the extra scratch myself, I'd make a donation to it myself.  Please consider making a donation to them if you have been blessed with unexpected money, a raise or promotion.

Living in Southern California, we've seen our share of flooding and mudslides in the winter months and fires all around at any time of the year.  To have both going on at the same time?


This commentary by Reverend Irene Monroe summarizes nicely what is going on with Ted Haggard lately and what responsibility his former church also bears with all of the scandal surrounding him, both old and new.  Let this be the final word on that issue.

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