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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Homework - Frontline

I'm watching the latest report from PBS' "Frontline" entitled "Inside the Meltdown".  Though I followed the news of large financial companies hemorrhaging cash in the last few months, "Frontline" is doing a great job sewing all the pieces together and getting interviews with many within those finance companies and some in government who had oversight and/or involvement with this disaster.

With this perspective, another piece of advice I heard so many years ago keeps bubbling up: Diversify!  Do not invest all your money in just one thing. Don't even invest the majority of your money in one thing, especially with unknown risk unless you plan on holding on to it in the long term (20 - 30 years).

I keep forgetting I cannot scream at the TV, especially since all of the mistakes have already been made and our country is now tasked with cleaning up the mess with risky mortgages.

If you missed last night's airing, it's available for viewing on-line at your leisure.  I tried the link to DVD/Transcripts and, while there appears to be no charge for the transcript, the link to the transcript appears to not yet be set up (as of 9:25 am pacific on 2/18/09) . . should be available later today, I hope. 

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