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Monday, February 2, 2009

Blogroll Amnesty Day

This is a nifty idea which, if my figuring is correct, is in its 3rd go around officially tomorrow. We have bloggers jonswift and skippy the bush kangaroo to thank for the b.a.d.  However, perhaps it's time to add blogger bluegal to the list of originators as it was her post earlier today at CrooksandLiars that got me hooked into this.

The idea is to find up to five blogs I read which have smaller traffic than my own.  Then, crack no jokes, no puns nor whine about how no one's blog has fewer readers than my own.  Done!  In my real-world life, I'm in management and whining is done only over a high-priced lunch or behind a closed door, none of which exist here.

I like reading a blog written by a friend of mine.  Actually, he's an even better story writer than blogger and, as he cherishes his privacy, I'll let him read this post then decide if he wants to "roll" with everyone else by clicking on the "this is a nifty idea" link above.

I am most definitely interesting in finding other blogs to add to my list, especially those that are funny and those that write about their experience in their part of the country.

Ooh, and I'd DESPERATELY love to change the wallpaper, but don't want to have to learn everything there is to know about html to do it.

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