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Friday, February 6, 2009

All around the blogosphere for 2/6/09

It was all of 7 days ago since I did this "list of blog entries I saw/read and enjoyed and you might too" thing.  Not my usual thing to do these types of entries with so little space in between; yet, there is just so much out there to see which grabbed my interest:

"And the award goes to":  I would have loved to have given some kind of statuette to Senator Graham; however, Senator Boxer called him out on his "theatrics" on the floor of the Senate, which was nearly as satisfying.  I got a lovely fit of giggling out of it and I am so proud she is one of my Senators!

A cartoon panel's worth a couple hundred words:  The General strikes again, summing up the Republican's "morality" and their solution to all the world's ills.  He is owed a manly, heterosexual expression of appreciation from me for this.  

The awards season continues this Sunday:  Cool post at Huffington Post about past music award shows -- who won what and why and who should have won (oh, if only we could have another award show to give awards to those who should've gotten awards: the Oopsies or the WTFs, maybe?)

My favorite story from this morning:  Fred Phelps' version of Christianity versus the real deal.  Proof, if you still need it, that peace and love will always triumph over evil.  Keep the facial tissues handy.


My partner is in the process of getting ready to take me to lunch and a movie.  This would be the "married for twenty years and who wants to be out after dark" version of a date. Yay !

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