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Monday, February 23, 2009

Games we play

With thanks to Raw Story, I just played a two-minute very entertaining game called Trillion Dollar Bailout.  Set your inner leftie Liberal or right-wing Conservative free while you choose whom to slap and whom to reward with a bailout from your one-trillion dollar stash. 

Just don't use Safari to visit the site - got an annoying unending dialog box loop of some kind.  Firefox worked well for me.

Unfortunately, I just checked the agenda for tomorrow night's City Council meeting to see if graffiti removal was included as an agenda item (the group with which I attended the last meeting made this request) and it was not.  Our grassroots group meets later this week and, hopefully, we'll take some time to talk about other options we have on getting this added to a future agenda.

We're meeting at a local restaurant so, if nothing else, maybe the dinner will be good.

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