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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Interesting developments on the home front

Instead of my usual comments tagged back to me from Huffington Post or some kind of diatribe about something political (wait a few days . . . it will come), I actually had my first full interesting day at home!

I got a call late yesterday afternoon from a temp agency looking for a Supervisor.  Before I could interview; however, I had to pass a series of administrative on-line tests administered by Prove It!.  I got the call back from that temp agency this morning saying I had passed all the test with flying colors and even confirmed that I do type 68 words per minute (so there !).

So, I have an interview tomorrow at 9:30 am.

My dogs, unfortunately, spent the morning (and I assume some of the afternoon) pacing around my feet and panting as if something were freaking them out.  Ruling out other humans, cats, things scurrying on the ground and tofu in their dog food bowls, my best guess is that they were feeling earthquakes.  The USGS site did not do anything to confirm that guess - - maybe they thought Wednesdays were allowance days?

After several hours of panting and hovering by both my dogs PLUS a repeated short chirp which sounded like one of the three smoke detectors.  I tested all three and all were working fine.  No chirping now for the last 30 minutes, though the bits and pieces of plastic all over the floor may say something about how that little issue got resolved  (just kidding . . .)

So, I escaped to the movies and saw the 3-D version of Coraline.  Lots of "wow"s as the 3-D effect is 99.9% crystal clear.  The story was quite good, but I'd keep the little kids at home (gets kind of Grimm's Fairy Tale creepy)

As the movie was starting, I got a call from a second temp agency wanting to interview me tomorrow for a  different job.  I now have another interview at 1:30 pm!!

I have not had any interviews since just after Christmas 2008.  When it rains, it pours !  More details tomorrow.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

In far more consequential news, one of my favorite comediennes, Kathy Griffin, is getting  paid for writing a memoir.  Perhaps I should be saving all of this typing until my big paycheck for my memoir is deposited in my account?

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