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Saturday, February 7, 2009

I am one of 13,000,000 !

I attended one of the Democratic National Committee / President Obama organized community meetings earlier today (there are, apparently, over three thousand of them going on between yesterday and tomorrow night).

Rather than ramble on and on here, this article from MSNBC gives you a good idea, more or less, what happened at the meeting I went to this morning.

Just a few differences:
  • The person who was supposed to bring the video of Governor Tim Kaine's response to Recovery Act questions did not show, so we did not have the video to view to kick off the meeting.  I'll check out that video on line later today (it can be viewed by clicking on the hypertext above).
  • No single-payer universal health care PowerPoint presentation at our meeting - ours was only loosely organized conversation over Obama's first few weeks in office and what we, as a group, would be able to do to support needed changes at the city/community level.
  • No chicken nuggets and beer here - I helped brew the coffee, the leader brought pastries and someone went on a run for disposable cups.  We'll all have to bring mugs next time - keeping things green and all . . .
  • I said very little after introducing myself to the group.  I really wanted to listen to what everyone there had to say.  There was one woman there with her teenage son who shared both she and her husband were also unemployed.  Some there were Union members (as am I), though the description of our group is a good match to the group written about in the MSNBC I referenced above. 

We'll be attending our next city council's meeting as a group to voice our agenda and have the next meeting scheduled for later this month.  This is, it seems, where real change begins.

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