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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Graham: Nationalizing Banks Should Be On The Table

When I saw Sen. Graham say he thought bank nationalization needed to be kept as an option, I had to pause the DVR, laugh myself sick, rewind and watch again! Was it just me, or did Graham's eyes look bleary and bloodshot as if he'd had a good, long cry before the show? He looked genuinely hurt and humbled to say this.

Have we turned a corner here? Could you imagine Boehner doing something like this? Oh . . yeah. . . tears are not really an issue for Boehner . .that's right . .

BTW, I'm so tickled to have Rep. Waters as one of So. Cal's congresswomen! Loved how strong she sounded. And she kept her own shocked surprise at Graham's comments to a big grin. Better than I would've been!
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1 comment:

Randy said...

I'm not thrilled with the idea of nationalizing banks. As you said before when we were playing games on pogo, look at what happened with Amtrak!

If the government does nationalize banks, we'll see charges up the wazoo and it's likely people will start stuffing money under their mattresses again (they already are!).

The banks nationalize, our financial system is toast.

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