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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hilda Solis - an opportunity / Capuano - applause!

I just read here that President Obama's nominee for Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis may have her nomination voted on and, likely, confirmed as soon as tomorrow.

I've readily admitted before that I am a member of the Service Employees International Union Local 434B, so I cannot claim to be impartial about this appointment.  Regardless of how unions in general may be viewed these days (they are only as good as the people who support them), Rep. Solis looks to be a good choice to truly represent the nation's labor force about what is important to them (and me, by extension).

Here is a petition you may opt to sign in support of her -- the sooner the better.


Perhaps I'm just a sucker for a politician with righteous indignation in his/her voice (real or overly-hyped), but I just LOVED watching and hearing Rep. Capuano earlier today addressing a group of Wall Street executives regarding TARP monies already loaned out to these companies.  Round of applause!

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