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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

States Consider Ending Death Penalty, Citing Cost

Wow! A failure here in the war on . . uh . . recidivism? I still can't figure out why the death penalty has been such a popular method of punishment. I'm pretty sure I can track down studies that will show that having a death penalty does not do much to lower the rates of capital offenses.

While the reason for getting rid of the death penalty leaves much to be desired, I'll be happy to see it go for any reason. Maybe, in the name of cost savings as well, we can rethink the purpose of the penal system and . . uh . . try to rehabilitate?

That's what I get, I suppose, after listening to one of President Obama's speeches. Optimism and joy are overflowing and leading me to .. think rationally? This is too weird . .
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