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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Go, Joe, Go. No, really, Go !

Perhaps the most famous political, er . . I'm not sure what, of the decade, Samuel "Joe" Wurzelbacher, is on the move.  

He did spend 10 days in Israel, as promised, filing reports/interviews with his boss about his experiences there.  And, later this week, he's taking his new found confidence and skill to Washington D.C. to try and talk to a legislator, any legislator, about the Economic Stimulus bill now in the Senate.

Mere text cannot do justice to the Joe-the-Plumber-tude that . . uh, well . . just check out the free 8 minute video at PajamasTV.com (free with registration.  Perhaps it's just me, but that is the best 90 seconds I ever spent registering on-line for something.  It ranks right up there with registering at job posting websites).

And, fresh on the heels of news from PajamasMedia about the demise of its Media Ad Network for conservative bloggers (I was wondering why I hadn't seen something similar for political bloggers on the left side of the aisle . . and now I know.  Talk about your progressive thinkers -- they were already so far ahead of the curve they've apparently not even thought of starting their own Media Ad Network.  Good thing I've already got that primo top dollar job . . oh, nuts, that's right, I'm starting month four of Unemployment. . .), Mr. Wurzelbacher has gotten even more industrious.

Yes, now you can take in as much Joe as you can handle by visiting Secureourdream.com.  Check out the link to Joe's sponsors (um . . sponsor.  Just one.  For now, anyway.  It's one more than I have, so yes, I'm a little jealous.  The fact that the sponsor is most likely the same group that designed the website is just happy coincidence).  Shop Joe's Store . . for Joe's book, which has a co-author. You can also buy the co-author's book there . . or go to barnesandnoble.com and buy it there for less.  It's how I read what I saw on that page.  Then again, I don't have a "Shop Tinsteelandrust" page here.  I also don't have a book ready to publish and know next to nothing about e-commerce, except maybe buying the occasional ViewMaster reel from E-Bay.  Still, compared to me, Kudos to Joe for the entrepreneurial spirit!

Visitors may also want to check out the We The People section and scroll down to the bottom to read "How do I (the visitor) make a difference?"  Basically, register to the site, go to the Joe the Forum section and offer ". . solutions to the problems we face in this country and we welcome content suggestions and investigational support from members.  This site is not about complaints, but about people coming together with alternatives to socialist government solutions"

Now, I just have to choose between the free "We are Joe Membership" or, for $19.95 (I assume that's per month) become a Premium member which gives me "Total Access to Joe The Forum where (I) may chat directly with Joe" and "Blog with Joe on Joe The Blogger" along with other . . oh, please, my budget these days is pretty much "If it's free, it's worth it!"

So, I'm now signed up, along with 22 others, for Joe The Forum.  I can already sense the sheer entertainment/educational value I'm getting even though my account is still "in moderation".

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