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Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Kiss-In" at Stephan's Square in Vienna, Austria

While there was a similar, record-breaking event in Mexico City yesterday (nearly 40,000 gathered in the same spot to kiss), I thought a much cooler "kiss-in" took place on 2/14/09 in Vienna, Austria.

I was not able to find an English-language account of the event, but this article does include a picture of a pair of male participants.  So much more cool to see pictures of  two men kissing!

Let's see how well my grammar-school level German plus a German to English dictionary works on this article:

"The LGBT Rights group from Amnesty International organized on Valentine's Day a "Kiss-in" for Homosexuals:  On Valentine's Day a "Kiss-In" protest was held by homosexuals at Stephan's Square. Many same sex couples gathered at the "stick in ice square" at the outskirts of Stephan's Square for the "Kiss-In".   This was organized by the LGBT Rights group of Amnesty International.  When they announced in their last speech that there was no direct response from Austria's religious community, it likely caused the religious community to revisit the topic.  The event began at 2 pm and was also sponsored by the Vienna Gay & Lesbian Center."

"Nationwide activities:  At 8 pm tonight there is an annual blessing service in Stephan's Stadium. The Homosexual group used the event to bring attention to their cause.  Nationwide, , there are no other actions planned; however, individuals and small groups would not be excluded from joining similar events."

"Service for Loving:  St. Paul's cathedral in Salzburg is planning an ecumenical "service for loving".   Same sex couples are welcome to attend.  Couples may gather together for blessings or may opt to receive blessings couple by couple. The Salzburg Gay & Lesbian Center is quite happy about this, with spokesperson Josef Lindner saying 'the church truly accepts our presence'.  The Center hopes for continued advancement even with the church's new Bishop Linzer having made "discriminating" statements in the past."

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