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Friday, February 27, 2009

Home front news follow up

Both interviews I went to yesterday were breaths of fresh air.  In both cases, the agency representatives were very professional!  I had become accustomed to trudging to the agency and getting uneven treatment at best.  With yesterday's experiences, it is clear there is at least one professional agency geared toward placing office professionals into jobs and that there is also one agency who successfully keeps separate their warehouse/manual labor placement and office professional placement lines of business.

Meanwhile, I got an e-mail from another employer (not an agency) for a part time job.  The obvious question is, when I have two other full-time job opportunities, why consider a part-time job?  The biggest bonuses with the part time job is I can work up to 29 hours a week with work hours anywhere between 4 am and 7 pm during the week and Saturday work hours which end no later than 3:30 pm.  My partner, I'm sure, will appreciate having me available during the daytime and during the week.

Sadly, part time positions do not offer health care.  I would have to be hopeful that under President Obama's proposed health care reforms that I would be able to access health insurance eventually even while working part time. 

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Even with all the chaos scattered throughout our country, I continue to be grateful for all that I have.  That said, I regularly get e-mail newsletters from the Grameen organization.  Today's e-mail had a link to the story of a woman with an MBA who was led to become involved in a microfinance group in Egypt based on a chance meeting with one its borrowers.

I genuinely had one of those "a-ha" moments when reading the story of how the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh was founded and how it has grown throughout the years.  I'm looking forward to being able to accept one of the jobs for which I am a candidate so I can begin to participate again, even though just through donations, in helping women, one by one, gain their financial independence and rebuild their world.

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