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Friday, February 13, 2009

Reasons to celebrate today

This week is Freedom to Marry week with many civil disobedience-style actions taking place in several states having occurred yesterday, even here in California.

It looks like all of the efforts may have actually paid off, at least for one lesbian couple.  A little legal turmoil has been started in Arizona and, while there is little optimism that their marriage will remain legal, I congratulate these two women as well as others who showed up at their City Halls to apply for and try to successfully obtain a marriage license.

If no one showed up to these sorts of events, nothing would happen. The more that show up to demonstrate, the more likely change will be affected.


I heard a new song by a very new band (just together for one year this month) Gloriana called "Wild at Heart" (click here for lyrics). The only other country artists I listen to with any regularity is Dolly Pardon, so for me to happen upon this was entirely by chance.

Enjoy a little happy dance, do-si-do or whatever you'd like while we skip along into the weekend.

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