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Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'll make up your mind for you

Groucho Marx performing "I'm Against It" from the movie "Horse Feathers" (click here for lyrics)

Perhaps it's been the utter lack of a formidable opponent in the top spot in U.S Government in recent years, but it seems lately the conservative radio talk-show hosts have been fired up like they've not been since 2006 (my bet, without hard evidence to back me, is the downturn in conservative talk-show punditry began with the switch in majority in Congress from Republicans to Democrats).

I'll let you search for Limbaugh, Hannity and whomever you adore in conservative talk-radio to read/watch/hear what they have to say about Obama, his recent issues with Administration appointments and the language used to describe the "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009"

(hmm...I'm missing the words "stimulus", "spending" or, I don't know, "peanuts" in the title of this bill.  In the body of the Senate's version of the bill, the word "stimulus" appears 4 times, "spending" appears 17 times.  The word "invest" appears over 100 times, though.  Maybe "invest" just doesn't have that certain "zing")

There are a couple of things the Administration is doing to counter the spin.  First is the editorial included in today's Washington Post written by President Obama (you can connect to the editorial here).  Yes, the current President of the United States had an editorial published today.  I tried all kinds of searches to see if any other sitting president had an editorial published and came up empty, so perhaps President Obama is making history once again.

I am also attending a meeting late Saturday morning which promises participants will ". . . discuss President Obama's  (Economic Recovery) plan . . " and ". . . watch a video of Governor Tim Kaine (answering our) questions about the plan".  My first thought is that this will be an opportunity to solidify talking points on the plan and find ways to bullet point the content of the bill for use in our community.

I'll most definitely post what my experience was at the upcoming Saturday meeting and whether or not the exercise was worth the effort put into organizing these meetings.

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