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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday images and video: healthcare / election protest

I'm having the usual feelings of outrage with outbursts of laughter this morning.  "This Week", I'm sure, will leave you feeling much the same. 

So much malarkey about the public option being suggested by the President.  Since when did Republicans get so jerky and nervous over a new big-box operation opening in town which threatens the "mom and pop" managed care/health insurance companies.  Oh, the poor mom and pop corporations!!

What's all the stammering and stuttering really about amongst the right wing?  A genuine sense of caring for Joe Q Public?

Take a breath from all of that laughing.  Life.com has a series of striking photos from the protests in the streets of Tehran, Iran launched from the results of their elections on Friday.  

I hate admitting this, but I think George Will on "This Week" has this one correct (the debate on the election follows the discussion of health care in the "This Week" link above).  There are a LOT of people aged 30 and younger in Iran, as the photos easily prove.  They, like many their age in the West, are computer/tech savvy and I'm sure have found ways to circumvent their government's control of information.  It's only a matter of time before there is a much stronger network of young people who will become more and more able to take over the government, secular and theocratic, as time goes on.

If anyone really wants to support the Iranian people in their struggle for fair representation in government, the best way seems to be to keep the flow of truthful information streaming into that part of the world.

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