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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Adam Lambert may be the center of the universe

As a photographer, I make a very good blogger!  This is the entrance to the Virgin Megastore in Hollywood, CA.  The doors are set to close on Sunday.  Does this mark the end of an era in "brick and mortar" stores dedicated to selling music?

Well, sort of.

CDs are still available for purchase in your local low-cost big box department store and in your big box bookstore/coffeehouses.  While the storage units in the department stores are usually disheveled, there was a certain joy to rooting around the bins finding some lost treasure and running up to the counter to buy it before the album fades into obscurity.

In recent years, the whole shopping experience has gotten more and more tiring. More stores boarded up, more families wandering around aimlessly in the malls with strollers and toddlers in tow and a lack of anything of interest to me inside these cathedrals of commerce were all contributing factors.

Besides, why get in my car, drive somewhere to shop with strangers when I could find what I need here on-line?  I can even find other interesting things on which to comment.

For instance, what has Clay Aiken, Rob Zombie and a conservative blogger all riled up in recent weeks?  Surely, it's something that affects people all over the world -- maybe the state of the economy, global warming or the latest heartless dictator flexing their muscles for all the world to see?

Nah, it's just Adam Lambert.

I have never watched any American Idol episodes and can report I have never heard Mr. Lambert sing.  But, apparently, with makeup, loud costumes and a recent confession to being gay, he's making a wide variety of individuals a bit nervous.

I'll go with Rob Zombie on this as to why this is really much ado about nothing:

"I'm sure Adam can f--king sing 10 times better than Mick Jagger, but who gives a s--t," Zombie told me the other day. "He ain't f--king Mick Jagger. You know what I mean? There are probably a million guitar players in the world better than Keith Richards, but they ain't f--king Keith Richards!"

On the other hand, Idol has blasted the door of opportunity off its hinges for Mr. Lambert.  Now that he has the freedom to take the next step in his career, I can only wish him luck.

Does make me kind of wonder why anyone would be so critical of someone who's poised to begin a pretty incredible journey.  Jealous, maybe?


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