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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A chef, a Chase guy and a cheap pair of glasses

Those who have read a few of my posts over these last 7 1/2 months have, no doubt, noticed a "glass half-full" point of view when I offer an opinion.

With the daily astonishing, inspirational and largely peaceful rallies/protests in Tehran, the timid step forward with today's Executive Order regarding LGBT government employees and the recent push to reform health care toward lowering costs and increasing quality, there is certainly plenty to comment on in the world.

So these monumental events can stay in the spotlight, I'll keep the comments short:  I wished Americans were as passionate about their votes in the last few Presidential elections as Iranians appear to be on their recent Presidential election where it seems all but certain that votes were stolen/fudged/tainted.  Rachel Maddow aired a beautiful yet brief video from a recent rally -- it was quite the spiritual moment

On the Executive Order:  the LGBT community has gotten far more done when we have to push harder against the government to get the equal right to which we are entitled as citizens.  Maybe Obama is a smarter student of history than anyone knows ?

And, uh, health care reform without a public health plan option?  If it does not include some sort of availability to a public health care plan, how could it possibly be reform?  What sorts of incentives would private insurers have to decrease administrative costs and provide better quality coverage if there isn't an equally large public plan with which to challenge them?

Amongst all of the usual political silliness and the knee-jerk talking point debates on all issues involving the government, my big "ain't it cool" moment was waiting for me at one of the Metro stops this afternoon.  On any given day, one of three dudes I mentioned above is usually waiting to board the same train I am.  Each of these guys is very easy on the eyes in their own way and range in age from 25 to 45.  There are even some days when I do not see any of them -- I tend to get very focused on the political chat shows playing on my radio without the visual distractions.

Today, I saw all three at the same stop, each looking their best.  It seems that just when I've had too much insanity in my day, I sometimes find myself being able to enjoy the view all that much more.

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