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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

At what is everyone staring?

Sounds awkward for a title?  Yes.  Is it grammatically correct?  Yes.

I'll let Cenk of The Young Turks tell today's sad yet hilarious tale of American Politician Sex Scandal gone horribly awry

This nearly 8 minute clip, I'm sure, beats trying to sort through Governor Sanford's rambling mess of a news conference.  I saw all I needed on Olbermann to get the idea.  I could not help but stare at the clips, especially the body language of the Governor.  As an aside, I could use a few good lessons on reading body language, but in my extraordinarily amateur opinion, there was a lot of looking downward as he apologized to his staff.  If I were one of that staff, I'd have to feel like that was not much of an apology at all.

I kept noticing throughout the day what sort of power is taken by and given to staring.  For instance, a 30 second stare by me and my boss at work at a particularly noisy bunch of coworkers silenced them and elicited an hasty and heartfelt apology.

No doubt my split between dry coughing and phlegm hacking during the day was stare-worthy.  But, knowing the power of the stare, I knew where to keep my gaze so as to avoid the effects.

As I walked past the Knitting Factory on my way home today, I couldn't help but stare at the queue of young people dressed in black (yeah, fellow metalheads!) wrapped around the building waiting to enter.  As I crossed the street, someone yelled out something about "thetruth.com" or "thetruth.org".  All of that yelling by this one idiot elicited, yes you guessed it, stares from all the folks in line.

A well timed stare at someone back home who said something they should not have said when they thought their manager was not listening was enough to send that someone very quickly back to their own apartment -- with repercussions being none of my business.

A series of particularly evil and quick stares leveled by a silver-haired woman on the train ride home toward a young woman seated on the other side of the aisle who had a toddler pressed against her tube-topped breast was more amusing to watch than anything.  The young woman either didn't notice the stare or didn't care.

Then, there is the on-going story of events in Iran.  It is still next to impossible not to stare at the video clips -- now mostly from state-run TV rather than amateur video -- when they air on the all-news cable channels.

Oh, if only the whole "staring as correction" vibe worked at that long of a distance.

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