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Monday, June 8, 2009

Eagle followup / there oughta be a medal

AK Muckraker posted a bit of a travelogue with pics as she and a group of others make a trip to Eagle, Alaska (the "help" tile has been on the left for a while - thought it would be nice to post a progress update of sorts).

As a big fan of words and an ardent supporter of the English language, we need to create some sort of medal for AK for attending an event last week and having to *shudder* transcribe Governor Palin's introduction of radio chat show host Michael Reagan.

She warns readers of accompanying her "into the belly of the beast" and that "Adult beverage or soothing music is recommended".  The post reads a lot quicker than the 17 minutes it took Palin to regurgitate an introduction speech.

I'm headed for the prescription strength pain reliever for the pounding in my temple.  Blessedly, Palin is up for reelection next year so there's a decent chance that these messy, beauty-pageant style diatribes will soon be a thing of the past.

One brave woman whose "outing" months ago seems only to have strengthened her resolve

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