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Friday, June 19, 2009

Here I am on the evening of June 19

Not in a Raddison in L.A, I'm afraid.  I managed to catch a nasty cold that, like all others, has drizzled into my lungs like so much icing on a coffee cake.  I drip, I cough, I sweat and am now slathered in menthol.

Not much in a darshan mood tonight, I'm afraid.  With any luck, someone has taken my place at the ballroom and is hearing the message, singing the songs, receiving darshan or maybe meeting that someone special tonight over deep fried eggplant and curried rice.

A nasty cold has not deaden my romantic streak, it seems.

Since I'm not receiving the love tonight, I found a couple of stories that moved me in a loving and positive way.

First, a lovely story of prison inmates who are taught how to train puppies as service dogs. The inmates then are given a puppy each to train on how to be a service dog to returning veterans.  Such adorable puppies and dogs, such wonderful things these dogs do to help not only with physical but also heal emotional/psychological wounds one lick at a time.

Your heart not melted yet?  Eyes not filled with a little bit of tears?

Entertainment Tonight has compiled an essential tool for most any kind of gay man to have on hand when times get difficult.  And, with increasing unemployment, dropping wages and health care in a state of chaos, why shouldn't we turn to the ever-so-fluffy world of entertainment for a healthy dose of distraction.  Here you go.  You're welcome !

Finally, I have been rotating through my decent sized library of tunes to rediscover songs I couldn't play enough the first time around and from which I needed a break.  After discovering that my MP3 player's program lets me set the base volume for each song individually.  The song I found and added back to my player was one of those whose volume was way louder than it should be.

A quick fix and the song "Author" by Shimmerplanet, is back on the player and I'm falling for it all over again.  The link above gets you to Shimmerplanet's My Space page where you can check out "Author" and, if you like it like I do, all the big music download sites have this and his other tunes available for purchase.

Better to spend a little now then get sued and, well . . you can see the rest here.

Rest well and happy tonight!

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