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Monday, June 22, 2009


More so than in most times, so much ignorance, obliviousness and tunnel-vision abounds.

To be fair, I've been fighting a cold complete with fever, coughing, etc., since the 19th (it's one of the reasons I didn't visit with Amma on Friday).  I spent much of the weekend sleeping, vegging in front of the TV and inhaling menthol (suspended in petroleum jelly, not on a cigarette.  I tried that last about 3 days ago and it was a disaster -- smoking the cig, not rubbing the stuff on the chest . . . you know what I mean).

It is incredibly easy to ignore a whole lot of stuff in a fevered haze.  It all started on Friday's train ride home.  I think the fever was starting up because I could not keep a happy, goofy grin off of my face, especially around good looking dudes.  The fact that I'd get a goofy grin here and there in return was only fueling me to continue.  I am hopeful this is a lesson I'll retain once the cold passes later this week -- what a joy to get a smile returned when I gave one!

Our apartment is scheduled for painting next week, so I had advertised for extra pairs of hands to help move big furniture on Saturday.  I got exactly one pair of hands to help.  Luckily, it was the correct pair of hands and most of the big furniture is now smashed together in the center of each room.  I then had (and needed) the rest of the day to sleep and get at least one load of laundry done.

I played hookey from church on Sunday (though, I suspect, if I went I would have likely slept through the Sermon.  With a guest speaker giving the Sermon and my church being on the small side, my snoring would have been quite obvious).  I watched This Week and just couldn't manage the energy to throw something at the TV.  If I thought that throwing something would have shaken the Republican talking head back to reality regarding a recent survey of America's willingness to have a public health care option, I would have just upended the TV.

Thankfully, for the TV, there was no chance that anything like that was going to happen.
Thankfully, as well, I caught Fareed Zakaria GPS later yesterday for a level-headed roundtable discussion on what is really happening in Iran these days.

Lacking any sick time (or, apparently, any sense whatsoever) today, I was off to work, cough and fever and all, hoping I could just push through the day.  Blessedly I did, but not without having to ignore that I had forgotten to wear a belt (which got more challenging as the day drudged on) and to keep separated from the fellow passengers, beggars and street musicians.

With many thanks to Olbermann, I think the ultimate in ignorance has been found.  O'Fallon, Missouri, by the way, is quite the destination in the far, far western 'burb of St. Louis.

If the State Representative's June Newsletter is any sign, then it appears that the center of the country is, sadly, the center of ignorance.

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