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Monday, June 1, 2009

Cleaning the Red Carpet

In the top right corner of this photo from earlier today, you may be able to make out the lone man with a vacuum getting a red carpet ready to go for yet another world premiere on Hollywood Blvd.

Tonight's fare is "The Proposal" starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.  Take a few moments to enjoy (I found this photo at the blog See Sarah Eat. Many Thanks, Sarah!)

Cute dog, eh?

If you dug my post from yesterday, you may enjoy seeing the fulll blogroll at Mombian and might want to partake in some of the other blog posts.  I'm at #19, though the posts are listed in the order they were received.  I really enjoy the challenge of having to write to fit a theme; however, to be fair, I spend a good amount of time at my job writing to fit a theme, so maybe it's more a "I'm familiar with the structure" thing than anything.

Speaking of writing to a theme, NASA is looking for a few good . . . uh, Twitter-ers ?  Reuters has the details.  I still am not a fan of Twitter, though I have an account.  I have to admit me being such a nerd for anything science-adjacent, I'm sorely tempted to head back to Twitter and "follow" NASA when their next mission begins in August.

And, finally, I listened to the last 10 minutes of Thursday 5/28/09's Mike Malloy program.  It is very rare that Malloy will "play a prank" on someone.  However, it seemed he was a bit restless for the majority of the show and this was a wonderful way to close out the program.  Though once again I was trying my best on the light rail tonight to stifle laughter as Mike acted like a conservative, fundamentalist talk show host to this clueless Pastor.

Enjoy the show!


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