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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So, how is California doing today?

A local church's list of weekly services has been, well, tweaked a bit.  The handwritten request was actually sitting inside the sign's glass, not slapped over the glass.

Today's announcement of two former rival attorneys joining together to file suit in federal court today in an attempt to overturn Proposition 8.  I knew that the thousands of marriages last year would leave a door cracked, but I had not planned on something further getting started today.

On a slightly more personal note, one of my coworkers felt comfortable enough to talk about how traffic was stopped in L.A along the 101 freeway early yesterday evening, which runs just to the east of downtown. 

A rally was planned last night, no matter how the court ruled.  The frustration over having traffic grind to a halt was understandable, but it lead to a brief discussion over what Proposition 8 really is.  The coworkers rather uneducated opinion about the situation did not sit well with the fairly liberal bunch I work with; however, the opinion was not entirely out of character and, where the coworker grew up, he likely faced much more basic life concerns than whether one has the right to marry or not.

Baby steps with all of this, I suppose, and I'm doing my best to do my part.

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