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Monday, May 4, 2009

Joe, Michelle and Evil

The two posts from earlier tonight below are, as you know, replies to posts from Huffington Post (scroll down and look for the link to that sight on the left side of this page).  Nothing like people with a microphone and a camera close by having nothing of substance to say.  If nothing else, any need I may have had for Ipecac has suddenly vanished (I just saved a few bucks.  Thanks Joe & Michelle!)

If you need one more quick story to produce the same effect, here you go!  And, what's even funnier, the local party head in Ohio just figured he'd update his posting later on 4/30/09 to fool all of those Internet bloggers and news writers into thinking that post and pics never existed.

Just because I wasn't fast enough to screen capture the offensive post and save it as a .jpg file does not mean that someone else could not be.

You may need to magnify the screen shot in the story to which I've linked to see what was really so outrageous.  I've linked to the article which explains how one of the two men pictured in the offensive post became bald.

If you can find something similar posted by a liberal using a photo of a man in a truly sad and scary chapter of his/her life, I welcome your comments and links.  Something tells me, though, that I'd best not hold my breath waiting for it.

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