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Friday, May 22, 2009

A brief round of applause for . .

 . . radio chat show host Mancow, a pretty strong voice in this genre, did what few other chat show hosts would do:

He lasted 6 seconds in a large studio with full knowledge of what was happening and knowledge that he could stop it at any time.  He looked genuinely freaked out.

With any luck, he will meditate on the experience over the weekend (the link to his site which references his experience today does seem to point to a serious meditation -- I think).  How might this change his approach to politics?  Might his spend some of his considerable popularity to change minds and put still more pressure on our current Administration to publicly and loudly begin the investigation and prosecution of all responsible for this and other disgusting practices in the years following 9/11/01?

Or, maybe just some mindless, morning commute silliness (with the occasional questionable cross over into . . uh . . well, I'm not sure.  I guess I need to listen in some morning real soon)

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