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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The (you pick it) big event!!!

As I like to do, I'll post three stories with quick takes and you get your pick of which one to read (or read 2 or 3 . . or go nuts and read all 3!  they've been in my head at some point in the day, why shouldn't you get the full taste of what rattles around inside my skull ?)

First, some photos!

Aah, the look of Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood first thing in the morning!  Today, actor Hugh Jackman was honored by having his hands and feet set in cement in front of the entrance to Graumann's Chinese Theatre (see the red sign in the background).

By the time of the ceremony (around 10:30 am today), the best anyone could get to a look at the festivities were across the street.  All could hear Jackman chatting nervously with the crowd in the stands before he "took the plunge".  I had time to snap this pic above before I had to scurry back to the phones.  Customers before celebrity !!

Later this afternoon, I got this shot when an employee was lifting the cover off the cement block:

Yep.  Just another day amongst the glitz and glamor . . .

Next, a very exciting discovery made a little over 20 light years away from Earth:  The discovery of a planet orbiting another star within a range which would permit a temperature range considered "hospitable" to life AND is not a gas giant planet like Jupiter or Saturn are in our solar system.  According to the article, scientists have discovered just 350 planets which orbit other stars.  This is a bit like finding an individual blue/green colored grain of sand in the midst of the Sahara.  Yeah, it's that exciting!  I cannot wait until we can get orbiting telescopes in place and tasked to search other stars for Earth-like planets.

Finally, it looks like the most interesting place in Washington D.C was in today's Presidential Press Briefing.  By just the tiniest of slivers, it appears as if the President is leaving an opening to investigate, question, study, etc., those who drafted the "how to . ." documents released last week on how "enhanced inter . . " (oh, for Heaven's sake, let's just call it Torture!!) was to be carried out.  I'll leave it to you to track them down . . I'm catching the jist from listening to excerpts from one of the liberal radio chat show hosts and it reads like a recipe book crafted by the Devil himself.

In times like these, I get so much more likely to want to just hang out at Graumann's and wait for the next celebrity movie premiere or star ceremony or hand/footprint ceremony . . .

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