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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Why do we keep doing all of this, and . .

My apologies for the overflow of stories in these posts.  Not much time during the week to compose, so everything in my head just comes rushing out on Saturdays.  I'm hoping to upgrade my computer and finally break down and get something I can carry with me for composing while I'm on the light rail commuting.

I just listened to a clip from former TV chat show host Montel Williams from earlier this week.  Mr. Williams started on Air America earlier this month and this past week had a chat with Congressman Ron Paul, primarily regarding the hypocracy inherent in the War on Drugs.  There is plenty to cringe over regarding Dr. Paul's political views, but I am right in line with what he shared during the interview.

Also, once again courtesy of tvnewslies.org, a link to a story on Brian Ross' Blotter, which is on the ABC news site, about a KBR employee whom AIG (yes, that ginormous insurance/mortgage hybrid with enough TARP money to fund several small countries for years) covered for health insurance issues.  The post includes a video interview with the employee regarding his experience with AIG.

If you thought the whole "toxic assets" bad mortgages mess was outrageous, AIG seems to have now plumbed the depths of the most despicable managed care companies in the U.S.

For all the vitriol against universal, single-payer nationwide health insurance, at least this man may have had a better chance at quality health care if he didn't have to handle health care decisions at the hands of a greedy corporation.  

If anyone reading this has a similar story about a Canadian or British citizen who was treated similarly even after going through their country's health care system, I'd like to hear about it.  Perhaps all of us in the "industrial nations" are facing the same sorts of struggles.

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