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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Great Gobs O' Gay News!

As I was reminded by a straight co-worker today, there is much to celebrate as of late in the world o' "teh gay"

HuffPo has a nice, concise post about court decisions, legislation vetoes, city council unanimity all moving toward giving more and more gay & lesbian couples the right to be legally married (or to have their marriages legally recognized).

And, now, New York wants in on some of the fun.

Meanwhile, while my home state awaits word from its' Supreme Court re: Proposition 8, one of our state's most popular church leaders seems to have gone "sour grapes" over gay marriage.  And just a few months back, his tone seemed so different!

And Rachel talked about teabagging tonight on MSNBC.  OK, so it's about a grassroots-style protest planned for 4/15/09.   I could not stop laughing (and neither could Rachel)

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