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Monday, August 31, 2009

Kind of creepy and kind of cool

Yes, the hills in the far background (just north of L.A -- that would be downtown L.A toward the back left side of the first photo where the tall buildings are) are indeed smoking!  Most of the largest of the wildfires in Southern California are burning in an area between La Cañada and Acton.  The first photo shows the south edge of this fire.

In the second photo, I captured a little bit creepy yet beautiful sight a little closer to home thanks to the eastward push of smoke from this fire, some hot dry weather and a set of meteorological circumstances I'm not quite bright enough to explain.  The smoke clouds are stacked up on top of each other like oversized mushroom caps.

Temps were not quite so high today and I even started to feel a slightly cooler breeze coming from the west late today as I walked down the Blvd.  Hopefully, we turn the corner on the temps and humidity before the fire reaches more homes.

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