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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kristof: Existing Health Care System Kills More Than An Army Of "Death Panels" Working 24/7

Reading the column was one thing -- anyone's opinion could be challenged point by point. It was the citation of a report from early 2004 (to which there is a link in the column) that should grab everyone's attention. It grabbed mine. An unnecessary death every 30 minutes due to delaying getting everyone's health care costs covered !?! We have laws to catch and punish and discourage drunk driving, get booster seats in cars for kids, make seatbelts mandatory in cars, inspect so many things for potential hazards to everyone . . .

. . . yet our response to one final law that would prevent a death every 30 minutes is to yell and scream nonsense in every other legislator's Town Hall Meetings. Can you imagine our response if this occurred before any of the other safety laws above were passed?
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