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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hazy, crazy and lazy

Oh, the land of politics from Southern California looks hazy -- kind of like the skies around here. Some of it has cut through.

First thing:  Representative Michelle Bachmann and State Representative Sally Kern -- with all that you've been saying lately, you have convinced me (as if I needed much more convincing)

I will become more politically active and work to get out the vote!!  Now, you may not be so thrilled with what kind of renewed focus I've found, but sometimes you have to get your message out and just let it do its work.

BTW, Representative Bachmann, a quick refresher on how the Census works and why it is most helpful if your constituents complete the Census, well, completely.  You help me, I help you.

One more thing:  Were it not for Mike Malloy mentioning this on his show yesterday (I listen on the Podcast, so I'm usually a day behind. Not a subscriber yet? Only 25 cents a show and it's brilliant therapy for frustrated liberals - sample as little or as much of the Podcast as you like.

Seems the Israeli Navy has diverted a ferry headed for the Gaza strip to deliver much needed supplies.  I found the story on the BBC's website.  Some questions beg to be asked:

If the ferry had just that, supplies, what's the need to divert it?  What is it the Israeli Navy is ultimately hoping to accomplish by doing what they did?

And, the ultimate subversive question:  Isn't it about time someone finds some way for Israelis, Palestinians and others to live within that part of the world without the tensions and violence?  I know I'm asking a dangerously naive question; however, just blindly accepting the situation there and doing nothing, not even asking questions, is ultimately even more dangerous for all involved.

Sadly, it's hard to ignore the on-going news I walk past nearly every day.  I have one last photoI took yesterday of the tribute to Michael Jackson at his Star on the Walk of Fame.  

Today,  Madame Tussauds Wax Museum's opening on the Boulevard next month was promoted with a presentation of, I'd guess, its first sculpture.  You may not see it from the photo (the sculpture is in the background), but the sculpture is of suspense film director Alfred Hitchcock.

There is some odd sense of irony/coincidence of the unveiling of this particular sculpture nearby the tribute to a recently deceased popular entertainer.  I wished I was more wide awake to spell it out clearly, but all the photography is getting me sleepy . .. 

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