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Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Countdown begins!

After nearly a decade of use, our old Mac Powerbook G4 is soon destined for recycling. I just finished the purchase of a new iMac with a much bigger monitor, wireless mouse and keyboard and got a free printer along with it. I even broke down, joining the 21st century, and got an iPhone. Granted, it's the older version, but how much power do I need to surf the 'net and draft posts here while I ride the light rail? I may even take clearer pictures (not better -- it's an iPhone, not a magic wand).

I'm hoping the new iMac will give me an easier-to-use website wallpaper program so I can restyle this site. I've even got a 8GB memory stick I'll be using to move the files from my old to my new computer. I have a new user for the old Powerbook all lined up as well.

Everything arrives in a week or so and, to make this even sweeter, my partner has kindly been saving money every month for over a year so we won't miss the money so much when we pay the credit card company in full.

I even ordered some coffee so I can stay powered up next weekend for the installation. Is that what's meant in computer-world by Java? I may already be in over my head . . .

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