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Monday, July 6, 2009

Soul saving and spleen-venting at home

At a busy intersection nearby home, there were some folks carrying big yellow and black signs on the four corners.  Here's one of the signholders who cannot wait to get across the street to join the rest of the signholders:

I'm O.K. with the "saving commuters' souls" vibe.  It's even a fun distraction from the usual drone of car and truck motors. I just wish I could've gotten a look at the church who was sponsoring the signs.  Even when I could see all of the signs there was no mention of a website, a church name or even a phone number!

Advertising is good.  Good advertising is even better!

Meanwhile, at home, we are blessed to have only received one I.O.U last week - for my partner's State Supplemental Income check.  Granted, it only makes up a small amount of our monthly income, but getting an I.O.U. was a little nerve-wrecking and having that check's value go down 30% in two months was a bit depressing.

In a bit of desperation, he called the L.A. Times earlier today and vented at them.  I had to gently remind him that, while I'm sure the L.A. Times could always use a lead to a potentially good story, they are not yet in charge of Legislation and Budgets in California.  So, after a quick on-line search, I found our district's Assemblyperson (it's like a House of Representatives member is for the U.S) and our district's state Senator.

Boy, are they going to get an earful tomorrow!

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